The man

I am an amateur. Photography is but a hobby for me. In my real life, I am a scientist and a teacher. My main job is to mess with ants, play with robots, and poke slime molds to understand cooperation, swarm intelligence and collective stupidity in social systems - from ant colonies to human crowds. This is maybe why my photography is drawn toward urban environments and city-dwellers: they don’t look too different from the ants we study in my lab.

If you are looking to contact me, I am easily reachable on social media. Just click on your favorite one below and do not hesitate to message me there.

The machines

I take pictures with whatever I have on me. Sometimes my cell phone, sometimes a digital camera. Most of the time however, I shoot with film cameras.

Why film? Funny question. Nobody ever asks a sculptor why she/he uses marble or clay rather than 3D printed material, or a painter why she/he uses paint and canvases rather than Photoshop or Illustrator. I shoot film simply because it is the medium that provides me with the most pleasure when I use it.

All pictures on this website were taken with one of the following cameras:

35mm Medium Format Digital
Contax G1 Bronica RF645 Olympus Pen-F
Canon A1 Bronica SQ-Ai Panasonic GF1
    Nexus 6P

The pictures

All my pictures are copyrighted. None of them may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without my express written consent. Please contact me and let us discuss your project together, whatever it is (see above for my contact info on social media). I am nice, I do not scream and I do not bite, so do not hesitate.

All the pictures on the website are suitable for editorial use. For other commercial uses, most of the pictures featuring people do not have a model release because of the candid nature of most of my work.